Oregon Chai: Extra-Spicy Chai Tea Latte (Liquid Super Concentrate 1:5)

Oregon Chai

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When we say it's 'extra spicy', we mean it. It's got more of all the great spices that turn tea into chai: cinnamon, cardamom, clove, pepper, and of course a few secrets we can't share. Oregon Chai Extra Spicy Super Concentrate is formulated to meet consumer demand for more authentic, bolder ethnic flavors.

New 1:5 mix super concentrate comes in large 1/2 gallon size. Great in hot, cold, frozen, or even cocktail applications. Designed to work with standard sauce pumps. Each pump dispenses one ounce. Recommended preparation: For a 12 oz serving use 2 pumps (2oz concentrate); for a 16 oz serving use 3 pumps; for a 20 oz serving use 4 pumps.

Ingredients: Sugar, dried whole milk, dried nonfat milk, dried honey, tapioca maltodextrin, instant black tea, natural flavors, and salt. Contains Milk.

Attributes: No Hydrogenated Oils, Kosher Dairy, Organic.

Format: Dry Powdered Mix

Preparation: Add roughly 1oz of concentrate to each 5oz milk or milk substitute. (Larger portions: add 2oz to 10oz; 3oz to 15oz; 4oz to 20oz.) To serve cold, mix slightly stronger and pour over ice.

Additional information: Oregon Chai is one of the largest chai brewers in the US. The story began in 1994 with four women and a trip to India. Most Oregon Chai concentrates are over 90% organic and carry the USDA Organic seal. Sugar-Free Original, made with the sweetener Splenda, is the only concentrate that is not organic and all natural.



"This one is indeed a bit bolder than the Oregon Original regular concentrate, as well as noticeably spicier and slightly less sweet. So it's the strongest cup you'll find in the Oregon line up. That said, however, it should be noted that Oregon Original is relatively mild in comparison to most of the other brands we carry. So Oregon's Extra Spicy is close to "normal" for most other brands, like Third Street's Authentic flagship chai concentrate.

Note that Oregon Extra Spicy chai is a 1:5 ratio super concentrate, rather than the standard 1:1 for liquid chai concentrates. This means just 2oz of super concentrate added to 10oz milk will make a 12oz cup. Super concentrates are far more economical if you factor the price per cup. And they tend to keep shipping costs lower as well, relative to the number of servings provided."

--Troy, the chai-tasting guy


(No reviews yet) Write a Review