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  • Chai & Chai Again! (If at first you don't succeed) Instant Dry Mix Chai Tea

    Chai Direct

    Chai & Chai Again! Instant Dry Chai Tea Mix

    As chai tea connoisseurs in the business for 14+ years now, we've had ample opportunity to sample all the best brands, and we've put that experience into our new Signature Blend! This instant dry mix is 100% organic, herbalist formulated to our exacting...

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  • Tazo Chai: Decaf Chai Tea Latte

    Tazo Chai

    Tazo Chai: Decaf Chai Latte (Liquid Concentrate 1:1)

    Tazo Chai Decaf Latte Concentrate Black Tea is a flavorful and aromatic blend of caffeine-free tea. This spiced chai tea is a rich blend of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla, which delights the senses! Enjoy exotic sensations of this...

    $4.89 - $28.95
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  • TAZO Green Tea Matcha Latte 32 ounce

    Tazo Chai

    Tazo Green Tea Matcha Latte (Liquid Concentrate 1:1)

    TAZO Green Tea Matcha Latte concentrate features a blend of traditional green tea and matcha. Blend with milk or milk substitute. Enjoy hot or cold. Each 32 ounce carton contains five 3/4-cup concentrate servings. All natural, no artificial flavors, no...

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  • Tazo Vanilla Caramel Chai tea bags 20ct

    Tazo Chai

    Tazo Vanilla Caramel Chai (Loose Leaf Tea Bags) 20ct

    Tazo Vanilla Caramel Chai Tea Bags blend black tea, cinnamon, sweet vanilla, caramel and chai spices. Tazo chai tea blend is carefully presented in 20 individually wrapped tea bags to preserve the flavor you love! Add one of chai tea bags to a cup, add...

    $4.29 - $16.99
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  • Tazo pumpkin spice chai tea bags 20ct

    Tazo Chai

    Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai (Loose Leaf Tea Bags) 20ct

    TAZO Pumpkin Spice Chai Black Tea is a flavorful and aromatic blend of black tea and spices including ginger, cloves, and black pepper. Can be served hot or as a part of your favorite chai iced tea mix. Be your own barista and add milk (or milk...

    $4.29 - $16.99
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  • Yogi Pumpkin Spice Tea


    Yogi Pumpkin Spice Tea (Loose Leaf Tea Bags) 16ct

    Yogi Pumpkin Spice tea bags combine the traditional holiday spices of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves with rich vanilla and sweet pumpkin. In addition, soothing passionflower and comforting chamomile are combined here in a perfectly spiced herbal...

    $4.89 - $18.99
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  • 5Sparrows Dark Cocoa Sugar Free instant mix

    5Sparrows Chai

    5Sparrows: Dark Cocoa Sugar-Free Latte (Instant Dry Mix)

    The perfect holiday drink is now at 50% Off! (Product expiration Dec 10, 2022) 5Sparrows brand Dark Cocoa Latte is a Sugar-Free mix, sweetened exclusively with Stevia, Maltodextrin and Erythritol. Stevia is a zero calorie South American herb used as a...

    $7.44 - $43.25
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  • Big Train: Pumpkin Pie Chai Latte (Instant Dry Mix)

    Big Train Chai

    Big Train: Pumpkin Pie Chai Latte (Instant Dry Mix)

    Taste the drink that has been savored for centuries in India, now with pumpkin pie spices! Refresh body and soul with the creamy blend of honey, black tea and exotic spices. Big Train's Spiced Chai is Kosher Dairy Certified and contains no hydrogenated...

    $26.99 - $100.80
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  • Twinings Pumpkin Spice Chai


    Twinings Pumpkin Spice Chai

    Twinings Pumpkin Spice Chai brings the fall flavors you love in an easy and convenient tea bag. Simply prepare hot water, allow the tea bag to steep for a minute, then add milk or milk substitute and sweetener to taste. A delicious cup of chai every...

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  • Say When Variety Pack - Mix and Match

    Just Say When (formerly The Chai Co)

    Say When: Variety Pack (Liquid Super Concentrate 1:3)

    The full-bodied flavor of Say When Chai is a result of using whole spices, purified water and organic teas with no additives or preservatives. Based on a traditional recipe from Pakistan's famed Karakoram region, this chai provides just the right balance...

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  • David Rio: Super Blends Variety Packs - Bulk Bags

    David Rio Chai

    David Rio: Super Blends Variety Packs - Bulk Bags

    Variety Packs for the new David Rio SuperBlends are here! Includes the following products: Super Blend: Masala Lightly Sweetened Super Blend: Masala Unsweetened Super Blend: Beet Latte Super Blend: Turmeric Latte Super Blend: Matcha Latte Super Blend:...

    $135.00 - $176.00
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  • Blue Lotus Instant Chai Variety Pack

    Blue Lotus Chai

    Blue Lotus: Chai Variety Pack - Tins (Instant Dry Mix)

    This Blue Lotus Variety Pack gives you a choice of your favorite flavors. Traditional Masala Rooibos Masala Star Anise Masala Mint Masala Mandarin Masala Golden Masala Ingredients: See individual product links above. Attributes: Non GMO Certified,...

    $114.00 - $116.00
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