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Beet Latte

Beets and beetroot are known to be good for the cardiovascular system, and sweet! Why not try a beet latte?

  • David Rio: Super Blends Variety Packs - Bulk Bags

    David Rio Chai

    David Rio: Super Blends Variety Packs - Bulk Bags

    Variety Packs for the new David Rio SuperBlends are here! Includes the following products: Super Blend: Masala Lightly Sweetened Super Blend: Masala Unsweetened Super Blend: Beet Latte Super Blend: Turmeric Latte Super Blend: Matcha Latte Super Blend:...

    $135.00 - $176.00
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  • David Rio: Super Blends All-Organic Beet Latte

    David Rio Chai

    David Rio Super Blends: Beet Latte (Instant Dry Mix)

    SuperBlends is David Rio's new, all-organic product line. The Beet Latte is a rich, hearty base of beet is lightly sweetened with goji berries and blue agave. Comes in a 12.7-ounce standup pouch containing 55 servings. Ingredients: Organic beets, organic...

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