Decaf - Caffeine Free

Chai products in this category use either decaffeinated tea, or a variety that naturally has no caffeine (Rooibos).

  • Pacific Chai Vanilla DECAF chai 9oz

    Pacific Chai

    Pacific DECAF Vanilla Chai Latte (Instant Mix)

    Note: Pacific Decaf Vanilla Chai has changed to a square 9oz package rather than the previous round 10oz. Pacific Chai is an extraordinary tea latte rich with ginger, honey, cloves and cinnamon. Just add water, milk or milk substitute. A rich, smooth...

    $8.19 - $44.00
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  • Pacific Chai: Spice DECAF Chai (instant dry mix)

    Pacific Chai

    Pacific DECAF Spice Chai Tea Latte (Instant Dry Mix)

    Note: Pacific DECAF Spice chai is now in a new square 9oz format, rather than the old round 10oz canisters pictured. Pacific Chai is an extraordinary tea latte rich with ginger, honey, cloves and cinnamon. Just add water. Contains natural and artificial...

    $8.19 - $44.00
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  • Blue Lotus Chai - Rooibos Masala Chai - 1lb, 2oz, .5oz

    Blue Lotus Chai

    Blue Lotus: Rooibos Masala Chai Tea (Instant Dry Mix)

    Blue Lotus begins with organic rooibos tea grown in South Africa. With its naturally sweet and nutty flavor, this rooibos powder is rich in antioxidants, has abundant health benefits and is naturally caffeine free. Blue Lotus chai is free of all sugars,...

    $9.49 - $139.99
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  • Pacific Chai Coconut chai 9oz

    Pacific Chai

    Pacific Coconut Chai Latte (Instant Mix)

    Note: Pacific Coconut is now coming in a new square 9oz format rather than the previous round 10oz canisters. Your own personal paradise awaits! Try this spice chai latte splashed with coconut, combining traditional harmony with sland tranquility. No...

    $8.19 - $44.00
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  • Big Train: DECAF Spiced Chai Latte (Dry Powdered Mix) 3.5lbs

    Big Train Chai

    Big Train: DECAF Spiced Chai Latte (Instant Dry Mix)

    Taste the drink that has been savored for centuries in India, now decaffeinated! Refresh your body and soul with the creamy blend of honey, vanilla, decaf black tea and exotic spices. Big Train's Decaf Spiced Chai is Kosher Dairy Certified and contains...

    $28.95 - $112.00
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  • Say When: Golden Chai (with turmeric, no black tea, no caffeine)

    Just Say When (formerly The Chai Co)

    Say When: Golden Chai Tea Latte (Liquid Concentrate 1:1)

    Say When's Golden Chai concentrate is worth its weight in gold! This comforting chai beverage features revitalizing turmeric, punchy ginger, vibrant lemon myrtle and is sweetened with a touch of honey. This one contains NO black tea and is therefore 100%...

    $6.99 - $68.00
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  • NUMI Organic Rooibos Chai Tea (loose leaf tea bags) 18ct

    Numi Tea

    Numi Rooibos Chai Tea

    Numi infuses mellow rooibos with warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and cardamom for a sweet release. This sultry, caffeine-free chai is the perfect after-dinner treat. Also called “red tea,” rooibos has a deep, earthy vanilla...

    $7.49 - $38.80
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  • Tazo Chai: Decaf Chai Tea Latte

    Tazo Chai

    Tazo Chai: Decaf Chai Latte (Liquid Concentrate 1:1)

    Tazo Chai Decaf Latte Concentrate Black Tea is a flavorful and aromatic blend of caffeine-free tea. This spiced chai tea is a rich blend of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla, which delights the senses! Enjoy exotic sensations of this...

    $5.99 - $34.95
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  • Yogi Pumpkin Spice Tea

    Yogi Tea

    Yogi Pumpkin Spice Tea (Loose Leaf Tea Bags) 16ct

    Yogi Pumpkin Spice tea bags combine the traditional holiday spices of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves with rich vanilla and sweet pumpkin. In addition, soothing passionflower and comforting chamomile are combined here in a perfectly spiced herbal...

    $4.89 - $18.99
    Out of stock
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