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Turmeric (Golden) Latte

Turmeric is well know Indian spice. One of the major components in curry, it's what brings curry its distinct yellow color. Chai in this category includes turmeric, which is also sought after for various health benefits. "Golden" chais contain turmeric.

  • David Rio: Super Blends Variety Packs - Bulk Bags

    David Rio Chai

    David Rio: Super Blends Variety Packs - Bulk Bags

    Variety Packs for the new David Rio SuperBlends are here! Includes the following products: Super Blend: Masala Lightly Sweetened Super Blend: Masala Unsweetened Super Blend: Beet Latte Super Blend: Turmeric Latte Super Blend: Matcha Latte Super Blend:...

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  • Blue Lotus Instant Chai Variety Pack

    Blue Lotus Chai

    Blue Lotus: Chai Variety Pack - Tins (Instant Dry Mix)

    This Blue Lotus Variety Pack gives you a choice of your favorite flavors. Traditional Masala Rooibos Masala Star Anise Masala Mint Masala Mandarin Masala Golden Masala Ingredients: See individual product links above. Attributes: Non GMO Certified,...

    $114.00 - $116.00
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  • Blue Lotus: Masala Chai Collection (Instant Dry Mixes)

    Blue Lotus Chai

    Blue Lotus: Masala Chai Collection (Instant Dry Mixes)

    For the adventurous chai lover, this collection is a quick way to sample the entire line of Masala Chai flavors offered by Blue Lotus Chai. Always free of all sugars, milk powders, artificial flavors or colors, and other undesirable additives. The pure...

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  • Say When: Golden Caffeine-Free Chai Latte (Liquid Concentrate 1:1)

    Just Say When (formerly The Chai Co)

    Say When: Golden Chai Tea Latte (Liquid Concentrate 1:1)

    Say When's Golden Chai concentrate is worth its weight in gold! This comforting chai beverage features revitalizing turmeric, punchy ginger, vibrant lemon myrtle and is sweetened with a touch of honey. This one contains NO black tea and is therefore 100%...

    $6.99 - $68.00
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  • David Rio SUPER BLENDS: Tumeric Latte

    David Rio Chai

    David Rio Super Blends: Tumeric Latte (Instant Dry Mix)

    SuperBlends is David Rio's new, all-organic product line. This award-winning Turmeric Latte is a product developed and tested in "The Chai Lab" at David Rio's Chai Bar in San Francisco. Combining turmeric with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper,...

    $27.95 - $107.00
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