The Chai Direct Story

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We love chai and it shows. Launched in 2009, Chai Direct has maintained a single-minded, tight focus on everything chai tea. We now offer one-stop shopping for well over a hundred of varieties of the world’s best commercial chai brands!

It all began as the private interest of co-founder “Troy-the-chai-guy.” Born from a desire to share his love of chai, and a dislike of marketing hype, Troy envisioned and created a fair and unbiased taste-test reviewing system, where customers could gain insight between the different types of chai. Some of them are, after all, as different as night and day, and yet, there is no way to really know ahead of time what a particular brand is going to deliver!

This reviewing system morphed into our Chai Direct “Taste-O-Meter™” ratings, where each product is rated on three primary taste metrics, followed by a review of the various nuances and subtleties, similarities and differences between the various products. This way, you can see the simple “general” flavor rating (sweetness, spiciness, and boldness) at a glance, or read the full review for more context, if you prefer.

The reviewing process, which necessarily included constantly referencing “control” brands to remain as accurate as possible, was a lot of extra work! But it was also a labor of love, as well as a natural consequence of our company’s overall directive of going the extra mile to help our customers make informed choices in all areas.

For example, we also strive to offer complete information whether products are Fair Trade and/or USDA Organic. We understand that flavor and price are not the only things that matter to today’s ecological and health conscious consumers.

We even went further in the health area, collecting a summary of current scientific knowledge regarding some of the health benefits of the different types of teas and the spices in chai, just so those of you who might be interested in further reading can dig a little deeper: Chai Tea Health Benefits.

We hope you enjoy our chai selection and our website, and wish you ‘happy tasting’ :) Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

The Chai Direct Team