Maya Tea

Maya Tea

Created from a beloved family recipe, Maya Chai is perfection in every cup. We paired bold black tea with harmonious chai spices to bring an authentic taste of the east to your kitchen! Pairs well with any milk or milk substitute. Enjoy it in a hot latte, an iced chai, or even an addition to your morning smoothie. Add a shot of espresso to create your own dirty chai at home for an extra kick to jumpstart your day. It can also be used as a secret ingredient in baked goods; the possibilities are endless!

  • Maya Chai Pump - 1 oz

    Maya Tea

    Maya Chai Pump

    This hand pump is made to fit with the Maya Chai Super Concentrates. Each pump produces 1 fluid ounce, intended to be mixed with 11oz of water and/or milk, or milk subsitute. The easy way to make a...

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