Mystic Chai: Spiced Chai Tea Latte (Instant Dry Mix)

Mystic Chai

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Legend has it that the Monks of Mystic Temple served a special revitalizing drink to fatigued travelers, consisting of a blend of tea and exotic spices. The soothing qualities of these particular spices may still be a mystery to the Western world but now, you can curl up with a delicious cup of Big Train's Mystic Spiced Chai to unwind from your busy day.

Ingredients: Sugar, dried whole milk, natural flavors, dried honey, tapioca maltodextrin, dried black tea, vanilla and salt.

Attributes: Kosher Dairy, Gluten Free, 0 Trans Fat

Format: Dry powdered mix

Preparation: Add 3 Tbsp to 6oz milk, milk substitute or water.

Additional information: Contains 65 mg of caffeine per 8 oz serving. Serves great hot or cold! Makes 26 servings per 2lb can.



"Excellent, well balanced blend. Mystic Spiced Chai has nailed a great tasting cup of chai. The directions call for a full scoop (3 Tbsp) per just a 6oz serving. But who makes 6oz servings? Come on, Mystic. So that's a lot of mix, which is why a 2lb can only provides 26 servings. The good news is that if you are using a decent amount of milk or milk substitute, you can safely hold back the amount of dry mix and still get a rich, creamy cup of chai. In fact, will full milk, the called for amount is too much IMO. On the other hand, though, if you plan to mix with only water, I would go with the full amount of mix. Interestingy, this is the ONLY mix that I can say is still plenty creamy when mixed with water alone."

--Troy, the chai-tasting guy


(14 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Mystic Chai Spiced

    Posted by Karel E Dixon on 25th Sep 2022

    Always keep this on hand - I order 6 cans at a time. It would be nice if there was a discount for a continuous client. Great drink. Use the product EVERY day. Thank you Karel Dixon 937-478-1940

  • 5
    Best Chai Tea I have ever tasted

    Posted by Marion on 12th May 2022

    This is the best Chai Tea I have ever tasted. It is what I need during those cold days of winter. My son used to buy it in NM and send it to me in PA but they don’t sell it anymore. So glad I found it online and it came so quickly. I will be ordering again.

  • 5
    solved my problem

    Posted by Felva Johnson on 12th May 2022

    I have used the product for years and was unable to obtain it from a local source. solved my problem. Thank you.

  • 4
    I order it often

    Posted by Raymon Luschen on 12th May 2022

    I like the product that is why I order it often.

  • 5
    Good warm drink.

    Posted by Shelvie Miller on 12th May 2022

    I would recommend this chai to anyone who is looking for a good warm drink. I have turned my aunt on to this tea. I had being buying it from Sam's for years, but this year for some reason they don't have it, so I looked for it on the computer because I enjoy it so much. Especially in the cold months.

  • 5
    recommended by a friend

    Posted by Ann Montgomery on 12th May 2022

    I was recommended to try your product by someone who purchased theirs at Sams....but I do not belong to Sams and you take Paypal (which is the only way I shop on line)

  • 5
    Easy to order

    Posted by Sherlen Ozymy on 12th May 2022

    Easy to order had what I needed

  • 5
    I really like it.

    Posted by Cindy Nesheim on 12th May 2022

    I really like it. My sister served it at a luncheon and I got the order info from her.

  • 5
    Have been drinking it for a long time.

    Posted by Roseanna De Felice on 12th May 2022

    I have been drinking Mystic Chai Spiced tea a very long time and love it. Its hard to find a store were I can buy it in person. SAMS no longer has it Im sorry to say.

  • 5
    co-worker turned me into a Chai lover

    Posted by Kim Kraus on 12th May 2022

    My co-worker turned me into a Chai lover. When I was shopping at Sams I happened to spot it on my way to the coffee. I should have grabbed two instead of one, it is that good.

  • 4
    Easy To Order

    Posted by Jeanette Klein on 12th May 2022

    This is much easier to order than what I had found in the past.

  • 5
    Chai-Direct has products I cannot get in stores

    Posted by Linda Leib on 12th May 2022

    I purchase Chai products that I am not able to get in my local stores.