Dry Chai Mix (Instant)

Pre-brewed chai tea comes either as an instant, dry powder mix or as a liquid concentrate. Which type is better? Well they are really quite different animals. Dry mixes tend to be a bit stronger on the spices -- a bit more "pointed" or "sharp" in the flavors -- while liquid concentrates tend to gel together, giving a more "rounded" and mellow flavor. Think about how the flavors of a stew or chili blend together over time; instead of experiencing the favor components individually, they all seep together to create a unified taste. That's what a liquid concentrate gives you. A dry mix, on the other hand, delivers the ingredients in a far more individualized experience, in which you can pick out the flavors in a more separated way. Second there are the practical considerations: 1) Dry mixes are a little cheaper to ship, relative to their liquid counterparts. And 2) when it comes to mixing, the liquid concentrates are easier (you just pour them together and you're done). Dry mixes, on the other hand, must be dissolved into liquid. And while most do this without a too much trouble, some are a bit trickier. Hint: If a mix doesn't play nice, try first mixing with a small amount of hot water, then add the milk or milk substitute.

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